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Cybex ePRIAM pram 2021

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With the Cybex ePRIAM   pram at kindermaXX , an innovation in pushchairs comes onto... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cybex ePRIAM pram 2021"

With the Cybex ePRIAM pram at kindermaXX, an innovation in pushchairs comes onto the market; after e-scooters and e-bikes, Cybex is now following suit with an e-pushchair. The ePRIAM pram is particularly practical and supportive when going uphill, it determines the amount of force required and noticeably helps you on your way up. But you can also get help on the way down, because the ePRIAM registers the pulling force on the grab handle and slows down the descent accordingly. Have you ever experienced that uneven paths become flat all at once? With the ePriam pram this becomes reality, whether sand, country roads or snow-covered roads, you will enjoy the walk and overcome the rough terrain as easy as child's play. Save your energy to play with your children and let the ePRIAM pram do the hard work during walks. 

The new Cybex ePRIAM pram at kindermaxx has been designed to meet the most diverse requirements - from the start. Cybex ePRIAM pram stands under the motto "Individualized Mobility". 

CYBEX PRIAM seat package

This is proven above all by its newly developed 4-in-1 travel system, which makes the ePRIAM an extremely comfortable but equally flexible travel companion. First as a suitable pram attachment with the choice between the LUX Carrycot or the LITE Cot, with the excellent Cybex baby car seat as travel system and later as a luxurious pram, in or opposite direction.


The ePRIAM also scores points with its simple one-hand folding mechanism, which can even be folded compactly and flat with the LUX seat. As a further solution, the ePRIAM can be folded into a free-standing position - ideal for parking in restaurants, buses & trains or in the hallway. It can be folded flat for the car or the storage room.

The Cybex ePRIAM on kindermaxx also has all-wheel suspension to ensure a smooth and quiet ride for your child and yourself.

Not only does it prove its functional ability, it also convinces with its high-quality and noble appearance - especially for the fashionable, self-conscious and style-defining parents among you. 

Behind the timeless and noble frame design of the ePRIAM there is a variety of combination and equipment possibilities, which simplify the life of a young family from the beginning in everyday life, on journeys or on the way. When you choose the ePRIAM system, you choose a problem solver. 

Product details:

  • Weight: 15 kg
  • EPriam can also be used without electric drive
  • Charging with socket or battery in the rear axle
  • Charging time: Fully charged 6 hours
  • Maximum speed: 6 km/h
  • Up to a gradient of max. 25% (approx. 14°)
  • From birth up to 17 kg (approx. 4 years)
  • 4-in-1 Travel System
  • One-hand folding mechanism
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Adjustable two-wheel mode
  • XXL Shopping Basket
  • Seat at table height
  • Dimensions in mm: L 950 / B 600 / H 400
  • Scope of supply: 1 ePRIAM frame incl. LUX seat attachment (incl. baby seat adapter, raincover and shopping basket) + PRIAM LUX Carry Cot + PRIAM seat package (incl. suncover, belt and buckle upholstery, seat upholstery and leg rest cover)
Alter: Ab der Geburt
Untergrund: Stadt, Gelände
Vorderrad-Art: Schwenkräder
2-Rad Modus: 2-Rad Modus verwendbar
Fahrtrichtung: Beide Richtungen
Rad Varianten: Unplattbare
Rad-Anzahl: 4-Rädern
Schiebestange: Ausziehbar
Sportsitz: Flatlay
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Cybex bei kindermaXX steht für einzigartigem Design, unübertroffener Sicherheit und Qualität. Cybex ist nicht nur führend im Kindersicherheitsbereich, sondern wird auch als Lifestyle-und Modemarke gesehen. Cybex bei kindermaXX hat den preisgekrönten Sirona entwickelt. Cybex bietet Kindersitze, Babytragen und Kinderwagen an, die nicht nur sicher sind, sondern perfekt zum weltgewandten Lebensstil passen.

Cybex bei kindermaXX

  • Autokindersitze: Sirona, Solution, Pallas, Juno
  • Babyschalen: Aton, Cloud,
  • Hochstühle: Lemo
  • Kinderwagen: Mios, Priam, Balios, Agis, Iris, Eezy
  • Babytragen: Maira, Bayla Twist
  • Große Auswahl an Zubehör

Cybex die perfekte Kombination von urbanen Lebensstil und unübertroffener Sicherheit.

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